This illustrative photography series is about the Divine Feminine and her connection to the Source, through Nature. Her longing for her true Home across time and space, and moments of alignment with it. Nature is Source’s closest expression on Earth. Through nature we can access the divine. Each nature element in the series is a magical key that connects us to the source. 
Within the density, noise and overly stimulating forces of New York City, I often had found solace in the glistening rocks scattered throughout Central Park that regenerated my power and restored my peace of mind and balance. It is in this oasis, that, I had found the muses in nature that inspired this photo series. The images call to the spirit of the Divine Feminine, and different embodiments her, as Healers, Starseeds, Goddesses, Shamans, Alchemists, Light workers, Magicians, Witches, Elementals, Grid Keepers, Warriors, Dreamers… Those who hold the higher dimensional sight, and visions of peace. 
I wish to re-awaken in humanity a loving relationship and connection with mother earth. We have forgotten our divine role as stewards of our home, planet earth/mother. In these times, when humans are destroying the natural resources and the planet’s creatures to the point of extinction, I am called to create a visual language which moves humanity back into harmony with the Earth and all her faces. As an artist, I am committed to the preservation of life in all its beautiful forms. I will continue to expand this series as way of honoring the many natural resources humanity has been gifted. This series is also my humble way of remembering the Infinite Source of it all.

Fairy Medicine

Tell me a Story

Flower Healer

The Edge

Middle World


Beyond Shadows

Journey to the Spirit World

Journey with the Luminous Beings



Open with Ease

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